Benefits of Professional Development

* Builds knowledge and skills to operate more effectively in the work environment.

* Ensures that knowledge and capabilities are relevant and up-to-date, and keep pace with current standards in our fast changing operating environment.

* Builds a deeper understanding of professionalism, and balancing the needs of the individual with the needs of employers.

* Helps individuals to make meaningful contributions to their team and be more effective in the workplace.

* Opens up potential for new possibilities, through increased skills, new knowledge, clearer actions, creative thinking and problem solving.

* Increases confidence, enjoyment and satisfaction of employees, key drivers of engagement. Can re-energise staff.

* Improves the quality of work environments and organisational culture.

* Advances people, careers, departments and organisations.

* Makes succession planning easier. * Increases staff retention.

* Increases efficiency and effectiveness.

* Improves outcomes for business and productivity.

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